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Meet The Team.

NDFSCS Consortium

Keely Ihry
Project Director
NDFSCS Consortium

Lyndsi Engstrom
Program Director
NDFSCS Consortium

Anne Williamson
Pipeline Services Director
NDFSCS Consortium

Heather Simonich
Trauma Informed Care Specialist
Nexus-PATH Family Healing

Site Coordinators

Amber Lockhart
NDFSCS Site Coordinator
Northern Cass Public School

Valerie Jordan
NDFSCS Site Coordinator
Ellendale Public School

Autumn Perry
NDFSCS Site Coordinator
Jefferson Elementary School – Fargo Public Schools

Danielle Rued
NDFSCS Site Coordinator
Washington Elementary School – Minot Public Schools

Beth Houser
NDFSCS Site Coordinator
Solen Cannon Ball Public Schools

Meet with a NDFSCS representative to learn more about the Consortium and the implementation process

Articuluate your school and community's need and compelling why in writing or, via video

Compile data to initiate the needs assessment process in collaboration with the NDFSCS Implementation Team to begin the implementation process