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Pipeline Service Partner & Providers

Pipeline Service Partners are entities that assist with programming or capacity building whereas Pipeline Service Providers provide direct services to students and families (state-wide, regionally, and locally). Both pipeline service partners and providers serve as extensions of the school increasing school capacity to serve students and their families.

Core Service Provider

An NDFSCS Core Service is the heart of services provided by the NDFSCS model and requires, by far, the most resources in terms of staff, time, and dollars.

Foundational Service Providers

NDFSCS Foundational Services are well-established, highly trusted best-practices that are offered and accessible statewide. Because of their proven outcomes, the NDFSCS Consortium works to implement Foundational Services universally to all NDFSCS School Sites. If School Sites already provide these services prior to implementing the NDFSCS model, the Consortium works to enhance and/or extend the existing services.

Endorsed Services

NDFSCS Endorsed Services, Programs, and Partnerships help fill gaps within the NDFSCS Pipelines to provide additional opportunities for students and families.